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[28.12.2009.] Mail server SPAM detection improvements

During the weekend (26.-27.12.) we extended the ip address based spam detection on the mmksystems mail server which should result in significant reduction of spam level arriving in clients inboxes.

[28.08.2007.] Mail server upgrade

On the night of 27-28. August from 11PM until 8AM our mail server was having regular update of the server component, and it was not accessible in that period. Update resolved the speed issues that existed for some e-mail users, specially while using the webmail system.

[27.08.2007.] Booking Manager downtime

On 27. August Booking Manager server was down from 13:00 until 14:00 due to the technical problems in the datacenter. Datacenter resolved the problem quickly and after 14:00 all services were back to normal.

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